• Consulting Room 3


    Our consulting rooms provide healthcare professionals with clinical space to undertake a variety of consultations. Consulting and other clinical rooms can be booked in morning, afternoon, evening (if applicable) and all day sessions.

    First floor
    Consultants chair
    Patient chairs x2
    Examination lamp
    Sink and tap
    Vinyl flooring
    Hand gel dispenser
    Soap dispenser
    Paper towel dispenser

  • Location


    20 Cleveland Square, Middlesbrough, TS1 2NX

  • Consulting Room 3


    Venue contact details

    Cleveland Health Centre

    0164 224 2128


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    Consulting Room 3
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    Code of Conduct:
    In order to ensure a good experience for all of our users, please do the following:

    • Sign in and out at Reception so that we know you are onsite and can assist with any issues.
    • Ensure that you book enough time for set up and clearing up after your booking as there may be another booking straight after your allocated times.
    • Leave the hired area promptly to ensure the area can be checked and cleaned and to ensure it does not impact any following bookings.
    • Read the Terms and Conditions to ensure you know how we work with our clients and what is expected of you.