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Q. 1.1 What is NHS Open Space?

A. NHS Open Space is classed as clinical and non-clinical rooms bookable on an hourly, sessional or daily basis; providing flexible pay-as-you-use rooms for approved users.

Q. 1.2 Do I have to use NHS Open Space?

A. No. NHS Open Space is there to provide you with flexible space as and when you need it, giving you an alternative option to exclusive use of space via a lease or licence.

Q. 1.3 What type of rooms will be available to book?

A. The following categories of rooms are available: Clinical • Minor Operation Suite • Treatment Room • Examination Room • Consulting Room Non-Clinical • Counselling/Interview Room • Group Room • Meeting Room • Office

Q. 1.4 How long can I book rooms for?

A. Clinical rooms are booked for sessions: either morning, afternoon, evening, or all day. Session times and durations are specific to each property. Non-clinical rooms, such as meeting or group rooms, are to be booked for a minimum one-hour period, and 30-minute increments thereafter (e.g. 1 hour, 1.5 hours, 2 hours). Commissioned services can book up to 21 months in advance and all other services up to 15 months.

Q. 1.5 Is Wi-Fi available?

A. Wi-Fi will be available on a room-by-room basis. Please ensure you check provision of Wi-Fi before booking.

Q. 1.6 What equipment will be in each room?

A. All room types are equipped with a defined specification of standard equipment, enabling multiple services to use the space. NHS Open Space does not include the provision of specialist equipment.

Q. 1.7 Can I leave equipment in the room?

A. Any equipment belonging to users must be removed when you leave the room. NHSPS are not responsible for the safekeeping of users’ equipment. Please see our Terms and Conditions for further information.

Q. 2.1 How do I sign up in order to book rooms?

A. You can register your organisation by selecting “Sign Up” on the NHS Open Space website and completing the registration form.On submitting the registration form, you will receive an automated email validation request. Once this step has been completed, the NHS Open Space team will be able to review your registration request. Please note that although you will be able to sign into your account, you will not be able to book rooms until the NHS Open Space team have approved your account. We aim to complete all reviews within 48 hours.

Q. 2.2 My organisation already uses NHS Open Space. How do I become a user on their account?

A. If your organisation is already registered to book rooms via NHS Open Space, please contact your organisation administrator who will be able to create a user account for you. Should you have any problems or are unsure who the administrator is, please contact the NHSPS Customer Support Centre (CSC) for assistance: Email: customer.service@property.nhs.uk Telephone: 0800 085 3015

Q. 2.3 After I have registered, how can I add additional services that I would like to book?

A. If you need to add a new service to your organisation, please request this via the NHSPS Customer Support Centre (CSC): Email: customer.service@property.nhs.uk Telephone: 0800 085 3015 Any new service requests must be reviewed and approved by the NHS Open Space team before they can be added to the organisation’s account.

Q. 3.1 What is the cost?

A. NHS Open Space is charged at an all-in, one-off charge. What you see is what you pay. Clinical rooms are charged at a total cost for the session, while non-clinical rooms are charged on an hourly rate, subject to a minimum one-hour period. Standard rate VAT is applied to charges. Charges vary depending on geographical location, room type and capacity.

Q. 3.2 Where can I see how much it is?

A. The NHS Open Space website provides an hourly/session rate as well as the total charge of your bookable space prior to confirmation. This provides you with complete transparency on charges.

Q. 3.3 How do I pay for the space?

A. Payment is taken as part of the booking process and in accordance with our Terms and Conditions: • For bookings where all sessions fall within the same calendar month, payment must be made in full at the time when the booking is made • For bookings where sessions fall across more than one calendar month, the following payment options are available: o Immediate payment for the full cost of booking or o Pay-as-you-go – Payment is taken at the time of booking for those bookings that fall within the same calendar month as the booking is made. Bookings that commence in future months are charged at the start of each calendar month. Please note, a saved payment card is a pre-requisite for the pay-as-you-go option. Payment can be made via credit or debit card. Other upfront payment methods will be made available in the future.

Q. 3.4 I book clinics for 12 months, but I don’t want to pay for all of it upfront.

A. You don’t have to. For bookings where sessions span over more than one calendar month, you have the option to pay the entire balance at the time of booking or pay-as-you-go. For pay-as-you-go, the system will automatically charge your payment card at the beginning of each calendar month for the value of your bookings falling within that month. Please note, a saved payment card is a pre-requisite for the pay-as-you-go option.

Q. 3.5 Do all bookers require a payment card?

A. No. Payment cards are held either at organisation level or at individual service level. A minimum of one card is required per organisation. At registration, you will be asked to provide details of your designated “billing contact”. The billing contact is required to input the payment card details on the booking platform. Only the billing contact will have visibility and can amend the payment card details. Payment cards will be charged automatically for bookings made, in line with our Terms and Conditions. Please note, a saved payment card is a pre-requisite for the pay-as-you-go option. If there are no payment cards saved against the organisation or service, payment card details can be entered at the time of booking to make a one-off payment. In this instance, card details will not be saved on the booking platform.

Q. 3.6 Will the billing contact need to approve each booking?

A. No. Once the billing contact has registered a payment card with NHS Open Space, the payment card will be charged automatically each time a new booking is made (in line with our Terms and Conditions). A notification of payment will be sent to the billing contact. The booker and the host will be notified separately of the booking confirmation.

Q. 3.7 How will my card details be kept safe?

A. All saved payment card details will be stored by our partner WorldPay, ensuring full PCI compliance.

Q. 3.8 How do I change the card I use for paying for bookings?

A. The billing contact can update or change the card details through the management dashboard on the NHS Open Space Booking Platform.

Q. 3.9 What happens if my payment card becomes invalid during the period of a booking that I have elected to pay on a monthly basis?

A. If your card becomes invalid, your billing contact will receive a notification informing you that we were unable to take payment. Your billing contact will be asked to update the payment card details and to make a payment. If your billing contact does not pay the due amount within a designated timeframe, NHS Open Space reserves the right to cancel your unpaid bookings plus any other future bookings.

Q. 3.A Will I have to pay for existing bookings that have been migrated across to NHS Open Space?

A. Yes. All existing bookings migrated to the new booking platform must be paid using one of the payment options described above. We reserve the right to cancel any migrated bookings that are not paid after a period deemed reasonable by NHSPS. You will have until the end of April to pay for your migrated bookings. On 30th April 2019, bookings that remain unpaid will be assumed no longer required by the user and will be cancelled to enable other organisations to book the space.

Q. 4.1 What do I do if I want to cancel a booking?

A. Your booking can be cancelled through the management dashboard on the NHS Open Space Booking Platform.

Q. 4.2 Will I be charged for cancelling a booking?

A. If you cancel a booking less than 48 hours before the commencement of the booking, you will be charged for the full cost of the session. If you cancel a booking more than 48 hours before the commencement of the booking: • You will receive a full refund (if the booking has been paid for) or • You will not be charged (if the booking has not been paid).

Q. 4.3 When do I get my refund?

A. Refunds are only made with respect to payments made in advance via the NHS Open Space booking platform. Refunds are made on the same payment card that had been used for the initial transaction. Refunds are actioned immediately through WorldPay, but the full processing time is dependent on the card provider.

Q. 4.4 I am overrunning, can I extend my booking?

A. If the room is available, additional bookings can be made and paid for through the NHS Open Space booking platform to extend your booking.

Q. 4.5 Can I see my past and upcoming bookings?

A. Your management dashboard on NHS Open Space booking platform provides you with a single access point for all your booking and account information, including past and upcoming bookings.

Q. 4.6 Can I still get an invoice?

A. Your management dashboard on NHS Open Space booking platform provides you with the ability to view and print any invoices that have been generated for your bookings.

Q. 5.1 How will I be able to locate my room?

A. Property floor plans are available on the NHS Open Space booking platform to enable you locate your room. Floor plans can also be printed if necessary. When you get to the room it will be clearly marked as NHS Open Space with the room name that appears on the floor plan and on your booking confirmation. If you have difficulty locating your room, please speak to the onsite Front of House team for assistance.

Q. 5.2 How do I access/check in/check out of my room?

A. The Front of House team will provide you with access to the room via a check in and check out procedure. If the property does not have a reception, full details of how to access the room will be provided in your confirmation email. On reporting to reception, please check in to collect the key, code or fob to access your room. On exiting the room, please return the key/fob to the Front of House and check out.

Q. 5.3 What do I have to do when I leave the room?

A. Users are expected to leave the room on time and in good condition. Waste from clinical sessions should be appropriately tagged and if users are supplied with a key or fob to gain access to the room, this must be returned at the time of check out.

Q. 5.4 I have booked a meeting room and would like refreshments to be provided

A. NHS Open Space does not provide any refreshments as standard in rooms.

Q. 5.5 Why are there motion sensors in the rooms?

A. Motion sensors are a non-intrusive, accurate way to monitor space utilisation and are used frequently throughout the public and private sectors. This will help us to fully understand how space is used, identify opportunities to improve efficiency and ensure we are providing the services our customers want.

Q. 5.6 What do motion sensors monitor?

A. Motion sensors monitor the presence of people within a space but do not identify individuals. The sensors work by sensing a combination of motion and heat. They do not: • identify individuals • record pictures or sounds • display or reveal any confidential information – data remains completely anonymous.

Q. 6.1 What do I do if someone is in the room I have booked?

A. If you are unable to use your room because it is already occupied, please contact reception.

Q. 6.2 What do I do if there is equipment advertised that is missing from the room?

A. If items are missing (chairs, couch, etc) please contact Front of House and advise them of the missing equipment. Wherever possible we will source this for you or move you to a fully furnished room.

Q. 6.3 What happens if there is an asset that is broken/damaged?

A. Users are asked to contact Front of House to report the issue. NHS Open Space will endeavour to provide a replacement or move you to another room.

Q. 6.4 What if the room needs cleaning when I check in?

A. Please contact reception for assistance.

Q. 6.5 What happens if a spillage occurs in the room?

A. Please contact the individual who checked you in to get a spillage kit.

Q. 6.6 I have a security concern, what should I do?

A. Users are responsible for the safety of their own staff and attendees and must ensure safety of all visitors.

Q. 6.7 What about Health and Safety?

A. Health and Safety information is available in each room. It is your responsibility to ensure all attendees adhere to the Health and Safety policy and have completed an onsite health and safety check. Should you require further assistance or clarification, please contact Front of House, the site FM or the central team via the CSC.

Q. 6.8 How do I leave feedback?

A. Before leaving a room, reception should be made aware of any issues. You may also be asked to complete an optional feedback form. This will be used by NHS Open Space to improve your onsite experience.